redlife: Strategies for intentional living

Date: Friday and Saturday, April 21st and April 22nd

Where: Redemption Hill

When: Friday, 6 - 9 pm; Saturday 9 am - noon

Cost: No charge

Childcare/Kids Program: Provided on Saturday morning only

Format: For this coming RedLife, we have two sessions from which to choose. Each session will be given Friday night and repeated on Saturday morning. This allows you to attend both sessions if you desire. Each session is three hours in length. Breaks are given at the top of the hour. Snacks and drinks will also be provided.

Registration: We need for you to register if you are planning to come! Simply click on the registration button below or complete a registration form at our Info Desk.


  • Intensive and Intentional Discipleship (Ron Wolfe and Dave Coats) : We are all called to follow Christ. We are disciples and we are to be disciple-makers as well. Are we doing this activity well? In three sessions, Ron and Dave will address this question. Are we prepared to help others follow Christ? In the process of responding biblically to these questions they will help establish the connection between the three core circles of ministry at Redemption Hill. Those circles are described as Biblical preaching, Gospel Community Groups, and intensive discipleship (biblical counseling). You will get the opportunity to participate in discussion as Ron and Dave walk through some life stories that will be right out of your GC, or so it seems. The goal will be to highlight how this activity of discipleship is based on the flow from the teaching on Sunday, to the GC's during the week, into the intentional and-at-times intensive discipleship (called counseling) that takes place, and back to the one-on-one relationships found within the church body.

    Session 1: What happens when we discover someone in our GC or in our circles of friends is struggling? What is the worst-case scenario? What do we expect? What does God call us to do? How do the basics of biblical discipleship and counseling help us respond well? God calls us to take a front-row seat in the redemptive process.

    Session 2: When we are called on to help disciple others around us, why should we have a confidence in the Word of God? And furthermore, what does the Bible say about God and man that gives us confidence  in responding to the needs of people? If our hearts are made to worship something, but that something isn't God, what might it be?

    Session 3: Do we care about people? Yes, but do we care well for their souls? What does it really look like to connect people and truth in ways that change lives? And can every believer do that? The question isn't, "Will I ever need to counsel?" The question is, "Do you counsel well?" Another way of stating this question is, "Will I disciple those around me in a biblical way or will I do it sporadically or haphazardly?" We all give counsel and speak what we believe are good thoughts or advice, but do we do so biblically and intentionally?
  • Discovering Freedom in Your Finances (Dave Sponholz): Talking about money isn't very popular today. It is much easier to ignore the conversation and pretend like everything is great, when in fact many are in financial crisis. Whether you're struggling to make ends meet or just want some refreshers, this session will be loaded with very practical information that can transform your approach to finances. 

  • RedLife Kids: Around the World With RH Missions! (Shirley Person): Saturday morning, April 22, 9-noon, elementary-age kids are invited to go around the world with us to meet our Redemption Hill missionaries! We will have photos and video chats, play games and eat snacks popular to those countries, and most importantly, learn about how we are a part in spreading the Good News of the Gospel around the world. **This session is designed specifically for kids ages preschool - 6th grade and will be offered Saturday morning only. Childcare for babies and toddlers will be provided on Saturday only. There is no children's program or childcare on Friday night.