Must-Read Books

  • Gospel Treason

    "A much needed book that explains and exposes heart idolatry and clearly  offers the Gospel as the only cure."     - Jim Newheiser

  • The Cross Centered Life

    Sometimes the most important truths are the easiest to forget. It's time to get back to the starting point of the Christian life - the cross of Christ. Jesus' work on your behalf must be the central motivation for your life and faith - the main thing. "Never lay it aside. Never move on," says C.J. Mahaney, who shows you how to center every day around the cross of Calvary and how to escape the pitfalls of legalism, condemnation, and feelings-driven faith.  

  • Shepherding a Child's Heart

    "With the plethora of material on parenting and the family, it is surprising - and distressing - to see how few books are genuinely biblical. Here is a refreshing exception. Tedd Tripp offers solid, trustworthy, biblical help for parents. If you are looking for the right perspective and practical help, you won't find a more excellent guide."                                        - John MacArthur

  • Age of Opportunity

    "...a wealth of biblical wisdom and a treasure of practical steps for understanding and shepherding your teen's heart."                                                                                     - Tedd Tripp