What does Gospel-Centered Children's Ministry look like at REdemption Hill?

Shirley Person works diligently each week to provide a Gospel-centered children's ministry to support the families at Redemption Hill.  It is the goal of our children's ministry to supplement the Gospel teaching that takes place at home.  Miss Shirley is passionate about reaching children with the good news of the Bible in the most effective way possible.


Philosophy of Ministry

The words of God in Deuteronomy 6 make it clear that God gives parents the responsibility of educating, training, and nurturing their children in the things of God. God has given the church the task of assisting parents. Our Children’s Ministry seeks to offer parents this assistance and support through a variety of weekly programs. 

Reopening Children's Ministry during COVID-19

Our children's classroom ministry is currently suspended as we complete our plans for COVID compliance.

We love you and your children and seek to support each family’s decision regarding regathering. We trust the tips below will be helpful as your children grow into worshippers pleasing to God!

For all families with children: 

Remember we love you and your children! You are welcome to worship together in the sanctuary even if there is more wiggling and even a little more noise (nursing mother’s room and all classrooms are closed)

  • If you sit where your children can see the worship team and Pastor Alex clearly (as opposed to just the backs of people heads) children will remain more engaged in worship
  • Encourage your child to stand with you or be held in your arms while singing and save their sitting and “quiet activities” for when sermon time comes
  • There will be no Bibles, pens in the pew racks or worship guides, so please bring supplies for engagement in sermon time, see the suggestions below:
  • Toddlers might enjoy looking through their collection of story cards from Toddlerville or a favorite Bible story book as they snuggle next to you. 
  • Beginner Buddies might enjoy coloring on the many take home papers you can print out from the Google Drive where we have been putting the lesson videos each weekend. They will also enjoy their Bible Story book pictures.
  • Primary Pals can benefit from several levels of engagement:
      • follow the text in their own Child Friendly Bibles 
      • copy a key verse from their Bible
      • practice the “books of the Bible” and locating the text
      • a “note taking” ideas sheet will be available for the Sunday morning services. It will come to your email inbox if requested so you can safely print it at home to use at church or when listening to the sermon online. Copies will also be available at the Info Center – bring your own pen or pencil (4th and 5thgraders are welcome to try these sheets as well). [email Shirley Person at smperson68@gmail.com to be added to the list]
      • If you attend on Saturday evening, read the text ahead, define words as needed and choose Key Words for your child to listen for and tally in his/her own notebook. 
      • copy key statements from the parent’s own note page. 

Even the youngest children will be positively influenced by their parent’s joy and involvement in worship, so let the joy show!  Please pray for God's provision as we seek to  serve!

For more information about the children's ministry at Redemption Hill, please email Shirley Person.