Philosophy of Ministry

The words of God in Deuteronomy 6 make it clear that God gives parents the responsibility of educating, training, and nurturing their children in the things of God. God has given the church the task of assisting parents. Our Children’s Ministry seeks to offer parents this assistance and support through a variety of weekly programs. 

We are pleased to offer Children's Ministry during both of our Sunday morning worship services. All of our rooms for children from birth through third grade are fully staffed with trained teachers and their assistants.  We strive to offer a Gospel saturated environment where all of our children learn to worship and praise God from the earliest of ages. We provide take home papers for each of our lessons so parents can disciple their children during the week using Truth from our Sunday lessons.

For more information about the children's ministry at Redemption Hill, please email Shirley Person.

What does Gospel-Centered Children's Ministry look like at REdemption Hill?

Shirley Person works diligently each week to provide a Gospel-centered children's ministry to support the families at Redemption Hill.  It is the goal of our children's ministry to supplement the Gospel teaching that takes place at home.  Miss Shirley is passionate about reaching children with the good news of the Bible in the most effective way possible.