Gospel Community Groups

We believe that because God and His Gospel makes us family, then it should be natural for family to live and do life together. Gospel community is not just an event, but a lifestyle that is essential for growth spiritual growth.

Our Gospel Community Groups, or what we call GC's, are a way for you to hang out with friends and new faces, share a meal together, do an activity together, or reach out to your neighborhood or community together. We use the word "together" because the good news of Jesus Christ radically changes how we do life. We are hard-wired for community, not for living in isolation, and we believe that living life together is the best way to encourage each other, glorify God, and help one another to grow and look more like Jesus - to be a community of light.

Redemption Hill exists to make more and better disciples for the fame of God's name and the joy of all people.

What to expect

Our Gospel Community Groups meet together each week or every other week. They are designed to be informal and have a smaller, more intimate feel to them. They are typically in people's homes and usually center around a shared meal and discussion questions from the most recent Sunday sermon. Our goals are to...

  • live more of life together
  • talk about God's word and our identity in Jesus
  • mutually care for each other
  • provide accountability in pursuing Christ-likeness through authentic and open relationships
  • pray with and for each other
  • share more in each other's lives through having a meal together or just having fun
  • perform acts of service, love, and mercy to others in the community to bring them into the family of God

Where and when

Groups meet at different times throughout the week.  So we should have something that works for you. Click any name to email the group leader for more information on how to become involved in their group

  • Jack & Nikki Ambrosius - Meets on Sunday in Pembine
  • Marcus & Lorna Andrews - Meets on Wednesday in various locations
  • Brian and Megan Begres - Meets on Monday in Iron Mountain
  • Brent & Debbie Griffin/Abe & Jessica Tunnicliff - Meets on Thursday in various locations
  • David  & Amber Hansen/Jimmy and Chelsea Haning - Meets on Tuesday in various locations
  • Gus & Chelsea Junttila - Meets on Sundays after the 1st Service in Iron Mountain
  • Brian & Kristin Kass- Meets on Tuesday in Iron Mountain
  • Frank & Tristan Lombard/Nick & Stephanie Raboin - Meets on Tuesday in various locations
  • Dave  & Hannah Sponholz/Brad & Tricia Grebin - Meets on Sunday in Pembine
  • Jeremy and Abbey Thiel/Andy and Dani Lidbeck - Meets on Tuesday in Kingsford
  • Alex & Melissa Tunnicliff - Meets on Thursday in Aurora
  • Josh & Angela Thiel / Jess & Kadi Williams - Meets on Tuesdays at Redemption Hill

  • We would love to make it easy for you to get involved, because community is one of our core values of Redemption Hill. 

    Learn more

    • As you walk into the Welcome Center of our church, look for the Info Desk to help answer your questions and get you connected. They would love to assist you.
    • If you would like to ask some questions via email, we can help with that. Click on the button below and our Deacon of Gospel Community, Jeremy Thiel, will get a response back to you with the information that you need.